BMW’s 2017 5-Series to feature the first wireless Apple CarPlay Radio

Since the launch of iOS 9 a year ago, Apple has been able to support Wireless connectivity with their Apple CarPlay radio, but no manufacturer has implemented this feature, until now.

BMW’s newly announced G50 5-Series model will be the first car to allow wireless connectivity via your iPhone to the CarPlay radio. Gone are the days of having to plug your iPhone in via Lightning cable to the radio (of course, we recommend you do anyways so your battery doesn’t die out.)

“Smartphone integration has been further improved – from Apple CarPlay (which, in a first for a carmaker, has been incorporated fully wirelessly), to inductive phone charging and the WiFi hotspot for up to ten devices,” says BMW promotional material.

I, hopefully, look forward to being able to test this feature out at some point.


Source: BMW