Refreshing the Vore Media platform

Vore Media started from humble beginnings. I originally launched Vore Media in Summer of 2014. Since then, I’ve led Vore Media from nothing to about 20,000 page views per month, four writers, and relationships with other companies. But, like everything in this modern world, it ran its course.

You can argue that the internet is saturated by journalists entering themselves into the world of tech writing, and that’s true. Vore Media didn’t have the background to succeed, we didn’t have the money to pay for ads, we didn’t have the ability to write every second of the day. This problem quickly grew and led to the demise of the company. And, by a company, I meant a small organization.

After a couple years went by, content went stale, I was the only one writing, and nothing was being done. In April of this year, I pulled the plug on the original website and went dark. I’ve attempted, and published, on other platforms, even for other companies, but it wasn’t the same as writing articles on my own website. So, here we are, Vore Media is back.

I don’t quite know what will happen with this site, or hopes to be a company, or even getting writers again, but I am able to write when I can and having a polished article is much better than quantity.

Thank you for being a reader, and welcome to our latest venture. We look forward to see what the future holds.