Farewell, glowing Apple logo. Thanks for all the fish.

Apple unveiled their new MacBook Pro’s during their “Hello, Again” fall event yesterday. It was four years since they’ve overhauled their Pro line, and we weren’t too disappointed. But, with Apple releasing these new sleek devices, it also marked the end of an era.

While the enter presentation focused on the new OLED Touch bar replacing the function keys, and the Touch ID sensor, Apple quietly got rid of the glowing Apple logo that has adorned Apple laptop lids since the introduction of the G3 Powerbook in 1999. Apple also ended the life of the famed magnetic MagSafe charger that had become a staple in the Mac’s for USB-C ports.


Apple didn’t announce the removal of the glowing logo, instead, they relied on promotional material and the wonders of a pause button. Apple released their Design Film on YouTube, and we’ve linked it below, but you will notice at 0:20 that something is missing.

Of course, this will not affect productivity in any way. These machines are more powerful than ever, but, next time you visit Starbucks or any other coffee house, it will be just a little darker. You’ll be missed, glowing Apple logo, Requiescat in pace.