New Mac Pro rumored to release in November, sources say


As this week’s Apple Event draws to a close, with no word of a Mac Pro, we begin to start thinking of new products Apple should, or shouldn’t, produce in the future. I, like many others, was hoping to see a revised Mac Pro as the desktop hasn’t been updated since it released in June 2013. Apple also neglected the iMac desktop as well.

But, we aren’t worried anymore, maybe. Sources close to Apple tell MacWorld UK that we should expect a new Mac Pro sometime this November. Another hint was found in OS X El Capitan coding, with the codename ‘AAPLJ95,1’ and hinted to a Mac Pro with 10 USB-3 ports. The current Mac Pro has the internal codename of ‘AAPLJ90,1’ which makes it plausible to possibly be the unreleased Mac Pro 2016.

Apple hasn’t officially commented, but when they do, we will update this article. We have our fingers crossed.