Apple standalone keyboard with Touch Bar and Touch ID in testing


Tim Cook sent an email out to employees earlier this week stating that the Cupertino company has some exciting products on the way. This comes in light of a recent Bloomberg article about how Apple isn’t as focused on Mac as they should be—or are they.

New reports show that Apple is working on a modest update to their iMac desktop, reportedly to feature updated processors, graphics, and USB-C ports. But, a recent Bloomberg update says that the company is currently testing a standalone Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar and Touch ID, similar to that on the new MacBook Pros.

“Apple will decide whether to release these based on how well the features do on the MacBook Pro,” Bloomberg said.

I still use and own my Wireless Magic Keyboard that Apple updated a year ago, and it still suits my needs. I would love to see if they implement a Touch Bar in a new keyboard and test it out rather than buying a MacBook.

Like with many Apple revisions, this most likely won’t be cheap. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has a $200 premium over the non-Touch Bar model. The currently standalone keyboard will set you back $99, and some reports show a $99 premium if Apple does release this product.

Source: Bloomberg