Pokémon Go now available for Apple Watch


Niantic has officially released Pokémon Go for Apple Watch users after first teasing it in September. The app is officially downloadable today via the App Store or through an App Update.

The app for Apple Watch isn’t meant to be a full game of course. You will still need to use your iPhone to play, but it will ease egg hatching, record your steps as exercise, and show you where they spawn. This is the official release from Niantic:

  • Log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal activity rings
  • Receive notifications about nearby pokémon
  • Count distance toward hatching pokémon eggs and receiving candy with your buddy pokémon
  • Receive notifications about pokéStops nearby and collect items from them
  • Receive notifications when eggs hatch and medals are awarded

Niantic is attempting to regain control of the App Store after losing a majority of its players just a few months after it released. Maybe this will change, I look forward to testing it out.