The Future of Vore Media

I will admit, I have neglected my pride and joy for the last few months. Recently, I have had a lot of personal, and medical issues arise that has kept me away from staying up to date with the latest trends and being able to write about them here. But, I will tell you this, Vore Media isn’t dead in the water just yet, it’s about to be revived.

In the meantime, expect some changes to come to not just the site, but our branding as well. Vore Media will no longer exist, therefore, we are working on developing a new name to improve our branding and make our name memorable to our existing and future readers.

I am also excited that we’ve been receiving new readers from all over the world and it is pushing me to do better with what I’ve got here rather than ditching the whole idea. So, if you have any name suggestions or just want to get in touch, comment below or contact us.

Forever Onward,