Apple’s new HomePod doesn’t support Spotify, only Apple Music

Honestly, we saw this coming. Apple kicked off its WWDC 2017 with the announcement of several new devices, including a new iMac Pro, updated MacBooks, and the introduction of a Siri Speaker called HomePod.

HomePod is Apple’s answer their own version of a smart home speaker device similar to the Amazon Echo with Alexa. But, one question I’ve had, like many others, will HomePod support other streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, or Soundcloud natively?Unfortunately, no.

Apple has made it evident that HomePod will only work with Apple Music, pushing you even further inside the Apple Ecosystem. Personally, I am very deep in the ecosystem and I love it, but, when it comes to my streaming service of choice, hands-down I go with Spotify all the time. There is something about the Swedish designed service that always brings me back to listen to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple Music, I was one of the first who signed up for the service when it launched June 30th, 2015. I loved it, but I decided to switch back after three months, mainly because I had so many playlists and I just loved the simplicity of Spotify.

I was hoping to get my hands on HomePod when it releases in December, but I don’t think I will be purchasing it mainly for the fact it doesn’t support Spotify, sorry Apple.