Nest may adopt Apple’s HomeKit later this Fall

After being acquired by Google, Nest hasn’t shown interest in joining the Apple ecosystem with their Thermostat, and Camera products. But, recently, Apple introduced new features for the upcoming iOS 11 update that makes it easier for companies to introduce their own HomeKit-enabled devices by making it more open-source.

According to 9to5Mac, a NEST spokesperson said they are “at least considering adopting HomeKit.” Due to iOS 11, it will also allow existing Nest products as well of future products to easily adopt HomeKit because of the new software-based authentication Apple has embedded into developer software.

Earlier this month, Apple held its annual WWDC meeting. In that meeting, HomeKit fell under the radar for many, but here is a basic run-down. In iOS 11, developers will no longer have to embed authentication chips inside HomeKit devices, nor do they need to run through Apple’s “Made for iOS” program. Instead, Apple has developed a new method of pairing the devices through NFC, QR Code, and Bluetooth LE. Apple also introduced software-based authentication so that products no longer have to carry and embedded chip, therefore, allowing existing HomeKit enabled products to be paired.

Currently, there are 16 different types of HomeKit enabled products avaliable. From faucets, air conditioners, window shades, security devices, garage doors, lights, outlets, fans, humidifiers, cameras, doorbells, locks, etc.

Apple has become increasingly generous in recent years about opening up their technologies as opensource and avaliable to the public to develop new products, and I’m liking it.

Photos courtesy of Apple and Nest Technologies.