IKEA is working to bring digital furniture in your home

Ah, yes, there is nothing like the luxury of a sofa that appears only when it’s summoned. Well, at least we can only dream. IKEA has announced a new partnership with Apple to bring their products into your home via digital demo to see which IKEA furniture looks good in your home.

Announced at WWDC earlier this month, Apple’s ARKit brings a wealth of new features to iPhone, and iPad in the AR realm for immersive gaming, and now saving you the hassle of assembling IKEA furniture that didn’t quite work out the why you would’ve liked.

According to Mashable, Apple has been in talks with the Swedish furniture giant regarding an app that brings IKEA’s vast catalog of products to our iOS devices. The app will allow you to find products you’re interested in, and it will 3D render the room and allow you to place furniture so that you can make sure that your Färlöv sofa in Flodafors White plays well with the kids.

The concept of the app is simple. You open the app, select the product, and it will launch the camera app, then you tap the display and it will render a beautiful POÄNG chair for you.

Michael Valdsgaard is IKEA’s Digital Transformation Manager, and the man in charge of bringing ARKit to the Swedish giant. He also shared some more information on the Swedish news site Digital.di. In addition, Valdsgaard assured that their meatballs weren’t harmed in process. According to Valdsgaard, more that 500-600 products will be showcased on the application for you to digitally render at launch.

Valdsgaard says that you will not be able to purchase directly from the application, but that functionality will come in a later update. Until then, I will sit and enjoy my meatballs before they go digital. Hej då.