First Impressions of Shift, and why I already love it

I’ve never been one to use standalone email apps mainly because of security concerns and plus I always keep a tab open to gmail on my web browser, at least that’s what I used to do until I stumbled upon Shift.

Shift is an email client that you download to either your PC, Mac, or Linux computer and allows you to shift through multiple email accounts simply by clicking its icon. As I am taking VORE seriously now, I find it a lot easier to manage my personal email and my VORE email address without logging in and out, or opening new tabs.

But Shift doesn’t just do email very well, it also does Google Apps. I am a big Google Apps power user from my Calendar, to my Drive, and my endless collection of Google Docs to brainstorm content ideas for VORE. Shift makes it so much easier to use and I love simplicity, hence why I use Mac. I can upload Wallpapers to my Drive for when I post wallpapers on the site, or upload personal documents, it fast, easy, and beautiful.


Shift has made my workflow easier, and I highly recommend it. I’m currently giving it a test run with its free trial and will write another post with my final thoughts.

Shift only costs $19.99 per year, and for that, it’s worth it. You can download it here.