VORE Update #1: New Beginnings

Hey, all. I thought I’d address some recent changes and upcoming events happening here at VORE. First off, I am planning on doing these updates at least once a month to be open and transparent with our readers on all things happening here. Secondly, Vore Media is now just VORE, but we will still carry Media as part of our name with our soon to launch URL and website design coming in a month or so.

VORE is in need of writers, and editors. We’re looking for people who have a passion in technology, cars, and the world to join our team. As of right now, we cannot offer any form of payment for articles written, but we do hope you use this tool to strengthen your writing and help get noticed. If you’re interested, email us at voremedia@gmail.com.

I’m proud to say that VORE has been able to reach readers all over the globe, with Romania, Sweden, and South Africa being our top readers aside from the United States this past month. Slowly, VORE is growing and I am glad to see this.

Lastly, I will return to running VORE very soon as I have graduated but am currently on the job hunt so I hope to start making money to help fund the company.

Thanks for reading, we have lots of great content coming.

Best, Sid.