Apple Park Campus is creating an economic boom for Cupertino

Apple Campus 2, now referred to as Apple Park Campus, is Apple’s new $5 billion dollar spaceship campus that can actually be seen from space. Apple Park is beautiful, tourists walk by snapping photos with their iPhone 7 Plus cameras (most likely in portrait). Business and real estate is also booming thanks to the spaceship.

Apple’s new Cupertino campus sits across the street from Sunnyvale, a small town that is starting to boom with new projects, businesses, and places to shop and eat. According to The New York Times, over 95 development projects are now in planning stages since they broke ground on Apple Park in 2013. Local businesses are going all Apple utilizing Apple Pay in stores, iPad’s as checkout, and even the local Residence Inn, set to open this September, will outfit their rooms with Macs.

Other projects include luxury lofts, a 120-unit apartment complex, small shops, and numerous cafés and restaurants. In 2016, a living and dining complex was constructed and finished as being one of the first projects built.

Because of the rise of such projects, housing prices have dramatically increased. According the Sunnyvale real estate agent Art Mayron, local housing prices have increased 15-20% per year. He says that a 1,400 sq ft. house that cost $750,000 in 2011, now will cost around $1.4 million.

The 2.8 million square foot building has started moving in Apple employees since April, with the all-new R&D building already in use. They expect an estimated 12,000 people to start their new jobs in the building in the next few months. Other features include an estimated 9,000 trees to surround the building, and the Steve Jobs Theater where Apple will hold future product launches and media events.

Lastly, one last cool feature that Steve Jobs made apparent before his passing was that the new building will not feature air conditioning. Instead, Apple is installing water tubes in the concrete floors, allowing the water to be heated or cooled, and the building will circulate outside air indoors. According the Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, “”We don’t want you to feel like you’re in a casino,” she told Wired.”We want you to know what time of day it is, what temperature it is outside. Is the wind really blowing? That was Steve’s original intention, to sort of blur that line between the inside and outside. It sort of wakes up your senses.”

Being someone who cares about the environment, and loves anything to do with design, I am a huge fan of this building and the strides Apple is making to make our planet great again. Kudos.