Polestar increases T8 Twin Engine output on XC60 to 421 HP

If you demand a fast, luxurious, and safe SUV, the swedes have you covered. Volvo’s Polestar division has created a new performance package for their all-new XC60’s equipped with their T8 Twin Engine plug-in, giving the car and extra 21 HP to 421 while still retaining the electric range of 25 miles on electric only.

This isn’t the first car Volvo’s T8 Engine has been optimized. The Swedish automaker’s other SUV, the XC90, has also been giving the same performance package treatment making them the most powerful Volvo’s ever built, the company claims.

The Performance Package also tunes the transmission to deliver smoother shifts, sporty throttle response, and faster shifting times. The engine is also tweaked to deliver most power while in the middle of the rev band, and prevents shifting during mid-corner gear shifting to keep the vehicle stable.

The push for an electrified future was made evident early last week when Volvo made a bold move to electrify their entire range. The swedes vowed to phase out gasoline-only models after 2019, and future models will feature one-of-three stages of electrification to supplement the engine. This also comes after Volvo purchasing long-time partner Polestar Performance and spinning them off into their own car company focused on high-performance, all-electric vehicles.

Current pricing for a Momentum, R-Design, or Inscription T8 Twin Engine models are $52,900, $56,200, or $56,700, respectively. No word on pricing for the Polestar Performance Package, but we will update soon.